Nintendo Switch thoughts!


My hot takes on the Switch:

  • The overall design, with the Joy-Cons being separate from the main heat-generating tablet part, is a genius way of preventing the system from warming up your hands while playing in ‘portable’ mode.
  • Getting in and out of games is very snappy. Much quicker than a modern smartphone/tablet plus a high-end game.
  • Resuming games is crazy quick. Again, much quicker than a smartphone/tablet
  • I love using the Joy-Cons separated, one in each hand. It’s very comfortable and I can see this type of controller configuration catching on in the other consoles, just as motion controls did after the Wii.
  • Lack of any Virtual Console on launch is definitely disappointing and a missed opportunity to fill in the launch lineup gaps.

Anyone else manage to snag a Switch?! What do you think? :sunglasses:


I got mine yesterday too! Absolutely incredible for how underwhelming the launch lineup was, but I am definitely looking forward to being able to play Skyrim on the go. Having the switch may actually get me in to Minecraft too.

Some initial thoughts:

  • Completely agree with you there on the separated JoyCons. This is the first time I’ve been able to use a full fledged controller resting my hands wherever is comfortable. Amazing!

  • The ability to play with the separated JoyCons or with them on connected to the tablet itself is legitimately awesome. Having the flexibility to play however fits your situation at the time is great.

  • Breath of the Wild is stunning. By far the best Zelda game to date.

  • The tablet is apparently incredibly durable despite being just that. Droptest videos confirmed numerous drops (11 back drops, 4 of which were directly on the screen) without breaking the screen itself.

  • For how wide the device is and how chunky the tablet, it’s surprisingly lightweight and I am able to play for long periods of time in tablet mode comfortably.

  • Fully agreed on your points made regarding popping in and out of both games and Sleep mode. Super fast and totally unexpected.

  • The battery seems to charge really quickly despite being able to play for upwards of 4 hours or more continuously.


  • I really wish there were more options for JoyCon colors that aren’t skins (I’ve heard skins won’t work well due to the coating on the controllers). I saw some white JoyCons in a possibly edited photo that looked absolutely gorgeous.

  • Virtual Console should really have launched with the Switch considering emulators on all kinds of devices have been around for a really long time. This would easily have eased the woes of not having much of a choice in games and would have made me feel better about spending the $300.


Protip to Switch owners: Be sure to dock your Joy-Cons nightly if you’re primarily playing in docked mode!
That’ll be something I need to get used to doing, or maybe buy one of those Joy-Con charging docks…

Just tried _Switch_ing from portable to docked mode (barely ever docking my Joy-Cons alongside the Switch so they both got charged), and was met with a helpful prompt that they both had a low battery. Really good looking out Nintendo! Don’t want a dead Joy-Con in the middle of a Blood Moon now! :wink: